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Lot Country Date Description Est(£) Image Bid
273 British Honduras 1888 3c on 3d chestnut QV issue wmk 'Crown CC', a fine unused copy without gum. (SG 26, Cat £110) £30 Image for lot 273
274 British Honduras 1888 2c on 1d rose and 20c on 6d yellow QV issue mint plus 10c on 4d mauve good used. (SG 27/9, Cat £72) £30 Image for lot 274
275 British Honduras 1888 10c on 4d mauve QV issue wmk 'Crown CA', a fine mint copy. (SG 28, Cat £70) £25 Image for lot 275
276 British Honduras 1891 3c brown, 5c ultramarine, 5c grey black & ultramarine on blue, 10c mauve & green, 12c reddish lilac & green and 24c yellow & blue QV issue all good to fine used. (SG 53/5, 57, 59 & 60, Cat £64) £25 Image for lot 276
277 British Honduras 1891 24c yellow & blue QV issue, a fine cds used copy. (SG 60, Cat £26) £10 Image for lot 277
278 British Honduras 1891 $1 green & carmine QV issue with 'SPECIMEN' opt in black. (SG 63S, Cat £100 as mint) £20 Image for lot 278
279 British Honduras 1891 $2 green & ultramarine QV issue with 'SPECIMEN' opt in black. (SG 64S, Cat £160 as mint) £35 Image for lot 279
280 British Honduras 1891 $5 green & black QV issue with 'SPECIMEN' opt in black. (SG 65S, Cat £350 as mint) £75 Image for lot 280
281 British Honduras 1891 BISECT: Unsealed cover franked with 2 x 1888 2c on 1d carmine QV issue (SG 37) on diagonally BISECTED for use as a 1d, both tied by BELIZE cds dated MY 11 1891. Addressed locally. £35 Image for lot 281
282 British Honduras 1894 5c on 1½d red brown on buff QV 'Surcharge' postal stationery card (H&G 2, opt Type 1) used with 'K65' barred numeral cancel with BELIZE cds dated AP 26 1894 alongside. Addressed to GERMANY with commercial condolences message on reverse. Card is lightly toned but scarce used. £30 Image for lot 282
283 British Honduras 1899 5c ultramarine two copies with 'REVENUE' opt 12mm long and 11mm long, 10c mauve & green with opt 12mm long and 25c red brown & green two copies with 12mm long and 11mm long all fine mint. (SG 66, 66d, 67, 68 & 68d, Cat £92+) £35 Image for lot 283
284 British Honduras 1902 Range of EVII issues with 1902 set of four wmk 'Crown CA' fine used, 1904 1c grey green & green on chalk surfaced paper mint & used and 5c grey black & blue on blue cds used and 1908 2c carmine mint and 5c ultramarine mint corner pair with '1' plate number in margin. (SG 80/3, 84a, 86 & 96/7, Cat £81+) £30 Image for lot 284
285 British Honduras 1910 2c carmine EVII issue fine used with good strike of SAN ESTEVAN cds dated OC 18 1910. (SG 96) £10 Image for lot 285
286 British Honduras 1929 FIRST FLIGHT: Airmail cover franked with 1922 4c slate and 1922 25c black on emerald GV issue (SG 123 & 133) tied by BELIZE cds's dated 22 MY 1929. Flown on the Belize - Miami, USA first flight with first flight cachet in purple on front. Addressed to USA. (Muller #2) £25 Image for lot 286
287 British Honduras 1938 GVI 'Definitive' issue, the set of twelve fine mint. (SG 150/61, Cat £225) £90 Image for lot 287
288 Burma 1893 INDIA USED IN BURMA: 2a 6p on 4a 6p yellow QV postal stationery envelope (H&G B5) used with fine MYINGYAN cds dated 18 OCT 1892. Addressed to UK with arrival cds on reverse. Cover has a small repair on the top left corner. £45 Image for lot 288
289 Burma 1912 INDIA USED IN BURMA: Cover franked with India 1906 ½a green EVII issue (SG 149) tied by fine GYOBINGAUK cds dated 23 MAY 1912. Addressed to INDIA with arrival cds on reverse. £40 Image for lot 289
290 Burma 1912 Stampless 'Money Order' receipt slip for 256 rupees with fine RANGOON M.O. cds dated 22 MAY 1912. A nice item. £15 Image for lot 290
291 Burma 1937 5r ultramarine & purple 'BURMA' opt issue, a fine mint copy. (SG 15, Cat £70) £25 Image for lot 291
292 Burma 1937 Cover franked with 1937 ½a green and 3a carmine GV issue with 'BURMA' opt (SG 2 & 7) tied by fine KHODAUNG-MAGWE cds dated MAY 1937. Addressed to USA. A nice early use. £45 Image for lot 292
293 Burma 1937 Cover franked on reverse with 1937 pair 3p slate and pair 1a chocolate GV issue with 'BURMA' opt (SG 1 & 4) tied by two good strikes of MONYO cds dated 20 APR 1937. Addressed to UK. A fine early use from a scare origination. £45 Image for lot 293
294 Burma 1938 GVI 'Definitive' issue, the set of sixteen fine mint. (SG 18b/33, Cat £225) £85 Image for lot 294
295 Burma 1938 3a dull violet GVI issue, a fine mint copy. (SG 26, Cat £21) £10 Image for lot 295
296 Burma 1938 MARITIME: Incoming cover with manuscript 'Per R.M.S. Queen Mary' at top franked with Great Britain 1937 1½d red brown GVI issue (SG 464) tied by NEW YORK PAQUEBOT roller cancel. Addressed to THITTABWE, NYAUNGHLA, UPPER BURMA with NYAUNGHLA arrival cds on front & reverse dated 5 SEP 1938. £40 Image for lot 296
297 Burma 1945 Censored cover from HENZADA with printed company address on front franked on reverse with 1945 2a carmine GVI issue with 'MILY ADMIN' opt (SG 41) tied by fine BURMA EXPTL. P.O. No.4 cds. Addressed to INDIA with printed black on white 'OPENED BY EXAMINER' censor strip with 'D/H3' handstamp in black. Cover has a couple of worn holes. £20 Image for lot 297
298 Burma 1948 Cover franked with block of four 1947 3p brown GVI issue with variety 'Interim Government' OVERPRINT INVERTED (SG 68 variety, Murray Payne #48b) tied by PAZUNDAUNG cds with second strike on reverse. Addressed locally. Unusual. £60 Image for lot 298
299 Cayman Islands 1900 ½d pale green & 1d rose carmine QV issue mint, 1d pale carmine cds used and 1902 ½d green EVII issue cds used. (SG 1a, 2, 2a & 3, Cat £52+) £20 Image for lot 299
300 Cayman Islands 1907 4d brown & blue EVII issue, a fine mint copy. (SG 13, Cat £40) £16 Image for lot 300
301 Cayman Islands 1907 EVII issue, wmk 'Multi Crown CA', the set of eight plus additional shade of the 6d all fine mint. (SG 25/32 & 30a, Cat £190+) £75 Image for lot 301
302 Cayman Islands 1909 1d red on greyish and 2½d blue on greyish postal stationery envelopes (H&G B1/2) with blue overlay inside. Both good to fine unused. £20 Image for lot 302
303 Cayman Islands 1914 1d red GV issue used with fine strike of BODDENTOWN cds dated AUG 7 1914. (SG 42) £10 Image for lot 303
304 Cayman Islands 1932 'Centenary of the Assemble of Justices and Vestry' GV issue set to 5/- fine mint. (SG 84/94, Cat £203+) £80 Image for lot 304
305 Cayman Islands 1935 GV 'Silver Jubilee' issue, the set of four fine mint. (SG 108/11, Cat £20) £10 Image for lot 305
306 Cayman Islands 1938 'GVI' issue the basic set of fourteen fine mint. (SG 115/126a, Cat £100) £40 Image for lot 306
307 Cayman Islands 1938 2d violet, 6d olive green and 6d brown olive GVI issue perf 11½ x 13 and 1/- red brown perf 13 x 11½ all fine mint copies. (SG 119, 122, 122b & 123, Cat £31) £12 Image for lot 307
308 Cayman Islands 1938 10/- chocolate GVI issue, perf 11½ x 13, a fine mint copy. (SG 126, Cat £40) £12 Image for lot 308
309 Cayman Islands 1950 ¼d to 1/- GVI issue in fine unmounted mint blocks of four. (SG 135/144, Cat £108) £40 Image for lot 309
310 Cayman Islands 1953 QE2 'Definitive' issue, the set of fifteen fine mint. (SG 148/161a, Cat £130) £50 Image for lot 310
311 Cayman Islands 1953 Registered 'Wells' cover franked with pair 1953 4d QE2 issue tied by LITTLE CAYMAN cds's to UK and 1960 cover with 1953 pair ¼d, ½d, 1d & 2d QE2 issue tied by GEORGETOWN cds's to USA. (2 covers) £20 Image for lot 311
312 Chile 1854 5c deep reddish brown 'Desmadryl' printing, a fine lightly used 3 margin copy. (SG 5, Cat £55) £25 Image for lot 312
313 Chile 1854 5c burnt sienna 'Gillet' recess printing, a lightly used copy, three margins touching in places but a good looking example and good condition for this issue. (SG 10, Cat £450) £150 Image for lot 313
314 Chile 1854 5c chocolate 'Gillet' recess printing, a lightly used copy, three margins just touching along left hand side. A good looking example of a rare stamp. (SG 11, Cat £750) £250 Image for lot 314
315 Chile 1855 5c red brown on blued paper PERKINS BACON 'New Plate' printing, a fine used four margin copy. (SG 17) £10 Image for lot 315
316 Chile 1855 5c red brown on blued paper PERKINS BACON 'New Plate' printing, a used copy with good part strike of straight line SANTA ROSA cancel in black. Mixed margins tight to touching. (SG 17) £25 Image for lot 316
317 Chile 1856 5c dull reddish brown 'Estancos' printing, worn plate variety (the most worn we have ever seen with this printing), a very fine lightly used three margin copy. (SG 18) £15 Image for lot 317
318 Chile 1861 1c chrome yellow 'Last London' printing, a fine unused copy with good strong colour, margins are tight to clear, just touching on one side. (SG 29, Cat £43) £20 Image for lot 318
319 Chile 1861 10c blue 'Perkins Bacon Last London' printing, a fine unused three margin copy plus 1866 5c red 'Last Santiago' printing, a fine unused four margin copy. (SG 31 & 37) £20 Image for lot 319
320 Chile 1866 5c red, 5c rose red, 5c carmine red and 5c vermilion 'Last Santiago' printing, a nice group of eight singles showing all listed shades, mostly three or four margins. (SG 36/9, Cat £61) £20 Image for lot 320
321 Chile 1874 BRITISH POST OFFICES: 6d grey QV issue 'Plate 15' used with good strike of barred numeral 'C30' of the British P.O. at Valparaiso and 1/- green 'Plate 12' used with fair strike of 'C30' but stamp has small faults. (SG Z75 & Z84, Cat £110) £50 Image for lot 321
322 Chile 1877 POSTMARKS: Group of early 1877-1883 'Roulette' issues all used with 'CANCELLED' in Bars (10), dumb 'Target' cancel (4) and one with black 'Cork' cancel. All denote early use of the issue. (15) £45 Image for lot 322
323 Chile 1878 'Roulette' issue fine mint range with 1c green both types, 2c crimson lake, 2c carmine, 5c dull ultramarine, 10c orange, 15c greenish slate, 20c grey, 25c red brown, 30c rose carmine, 50c violet & 1p black & brown. (SG 54/55, 56/57, 59a, 60/63, 64a, 65a & 66, Cat £63+) £25 Image for lot 323
324 Chile 1878 1c green and 2c crimson lake 'Roulette' issue both fine mint pairs with red 'SPECIMEN' opts across each pair. (SG 55 & 57) £20 Image for lot 324
325 Chile 1878 15c greenish slate 'Roulette' issue and 1905 5c blue 'Columbus' issue both used with good large part strikes of the boxed 'HAUTE MER ALTA MAR' cancel in black. (SG 61 & 107) £10 Image for lot 325
326 Chile 1878 50c mauve 'Roulette' issue, a fine cds used copy. (SG 65, Cat £37) £18 Image for lot 326
327 Chile 1878 1p black & brown 'Roulette' issue a fine mint copy. (SG 66, Cat £29) £15 Image for lot 327
328 Chile 1891 Cover franked with 1878 5c ultramarine 'Roulette' issue (SG 58) tied by PELEQUEN cds dated 14 MAR 1891. Addressed locally. A scarcer origination. Small faults. £25 Image for lot 328
329 Chile 1895 LOCAL POST: Nice group of issues with CORREO URBANO or CONDICCION GRATUITA markings inc seven stamps all with good strikes of the oval or circular CORREO URBANO cancels plus 1893 2c + 2c PSC with the oval cancel and 1901 1c PSC and 2c lettersheet with the circular cancel, 1895 2c PSC and 2c lettercard both with the hooded CONDUCCION GRATUITA VALPARAISO cancel, 1899 2c PSC with large CONDUCCION GRATUITA cds and 1896 1c PSC with boxed CONDUCCION GRATUITA and CORREO URBAN cds. Lovely lot for display. (7 cards & 7 stamps) £65 Image for lot 329
330 Chile 1897 Cover franked with 1878 10c orange 'Roulette' issue (SG 60a) tied by two strikes of TOCOPILLA cds. Addressed to FRANCE with transit & arrival marks on reverse. £25 Image for lot 330
331 Chile 1904 10c olive green 'Telegraph' issue with 'CORREOS' OPT INVERTED, a fine mint copy. (SG 96, Cat £75) £35 Image for lot 331
332 Chile 1904 2c pale brown 'Telegraph' issue (Huemul with mane & tail) with 'CORREOS' provisional opt, a fine mint copy. (SG 97) £10 Image for lot 332
333 Chile 1905 'Columbus' issue, the set of eleven fine mint. (SG 104/14, Cat £40) £25 Image for lot 333
334 Chile 1905 1p grey & bronze green 'Columbus' issue, top value fine mint. (SG 114, Cat £20) £10 Image for lot 334
335 Chile 1909 Registered cover franked with 1904 3 x 12c on 5c red 'Valdivia' PROVISIONAL issue and 1905 pair 1c green & 2c carmine 'Columbus' issue (SG 103/5) tied by VALDIVIA cds's with REG label alongside. Addressed to GERMANY with CONCEPCION transit cds on reverse. An attractive franking. £35 Image for lot 335
336 Chile 1910 'Centenary of Independence' issue, the set of fifteen fine used. A difficult set to assemble in used condition. (SG 119/133, Cat £55) £40 Image for lot 336
337 Chile 1910 'Centenary of Independence' issue, the set of fifteen fine mint. (SG 119/133, Cat £130) £75 Image for lot 337
338 Chile 1910 ISLA JUAN FERNANDEZ: B&W PPC 'Isla de Juan Fernandez, Gruta de Robinson Crusoe' with stamp and message dated 1910 but pmk is unclear and colour 'Tucks' PPC with painted image of Robinson Crusoe with a fire outside his cave unused. (2) £25 Image for lot 338
339 Chile 1911 PRESIDENTE ISSUE: 1c green (2 printings), 3c sepia & 1p black & emerald and 1912 4c sepia (2 printings), 8c grey and pair 10c black & blue each stamp with red 'SPECIMEN' opt and small hole punch. Ex ABNCo. archive. (SG 135, 137, 146, 151, 152 & 153) £20 Image for lot 339
340 Chile 1911 'Presidente' issue, the complete set of fifteen fine mint. (SG 135/49, Cat £180) £95 Image for lot 340
341 Chile 1911 12c black & rose 'Presidente' issue a fine mint block of ten. (SG 140, Cat £19) £10 Image for lot 341
342 Chile 1911 5p black & olive green and 10p black & orange yellow 'Presidente' issue, both fine cds used copies. (SG 148/9) £12 Image for lot 342
343 Chile 1913 MARITIME: 10c brown 'Presidente' postal stationery envelope (H&G B21) with printed 'J.M. Larrondo R. Coquimbo' return address on front used with two strikes of boxed 'HAUTE MER ALTA MAR' cancel (applied to mail sent or received at the port). Addressed to VALDIVIA with arrival cds on reverse. £25 Image for lot 343
344 Chile 1913 Registered cover franked with two pairs 1912 10c black & blue 'Presidente' issue (SG 153) cancelled by light strikes of undated circular GALVARINO cancel with additional superb strike at top of cover with printed black & white REG label with manuscript 'Galvarino' alongside. Addressed to GERMANY with transit & arrival marks on reverse. A rare origination. £45 Image for lot 344
345 Chile 1914 6c on 3c dark grey on grey blue 'Columbus' postal stationery card (H&G 30), two examples one with added 1911 2c scarlet 'Presidente' (SG 136) tied from SANTIAGO to BELGIUM and the other with added 1912 10c black & blue 'Presidente' (SG 153) tied from COQUIMBO to GERMANY. (2 items) £20 Image for lot 345
346 Chile 1918 2c carmine on buff postal stationery wrapper (H&G E1) used with SANTIAGO 1 cds, addressed to TALCA. Late use. £15 Image for lot 346
347 Chile 1925 'PRO RAZA' essay stamp (no value indicated) similar to the issue later used for overprinting the TESTART airmails. A fine mint block of twenty comprising the bottom four rows of the sheet with four blank cliches and sheet margins at right, left & bottom. A rare multiple. £150 Image for lot 347
348 Chile 1928 6p on 10c black & blue AIR surcharge on 'Presidente' issue, a fine mint copy. Expertised 'Soc Fil de Chile' on reverse. (SG 196) £60 Image for lot 348
349 Chile 1928 5p black & green 'Presidente' AIR opt issue (with wmk) two strips of three arranged as a block of six tied on small piece by CERTIF-IQUIQUE cds's plus 10p black & orange with wmk fine cds used. (SG 202/3, Cat £25+) £12 Image for lot 349
350 Chile 1928 10p black & orange 'Presidente' AIR opt issue with wmk, a fine mint copy. (SG 203, Cat £50) £25 Image for lot 350
351 Chile 1930 PARCEL POST: Circa 1930 10c black on grey blue 'Parcel Post' label inscribed 'CONDUCCION a DOMICILIO' for use as a receipt for the charge when delivering parcels to a specified address, used with undated SANTIAGO ENCOMIENDAS cds in black. Uncommon. (Sociedad Filatelica de Chile Catalogue #EE2) £18 Image for lot 351
352 Chile 1930 PARCEL POST: Circa 1930 5c black on rose 'Parcel Post' label inscribed 'CONDUCCION a DOMICILIO' for use as a receipt for the charge when delivering parcels to a specified address, used with undated SANTIAGO ENCOMIENDAS cds in black. Uncommon. (Sociedad Filatelica de Chile Catalogue #EE1) £18 Image for lot 352
353 Chile 1932 REVENUES: Small 'Singer Sewing Machine Co' REVENUE Document (appears to be some kind of payslip) franked with 20c green 'Impuesto' REVENUE cancelled by 'SINGER' PERFIN through stamp and document. Attractive item. £10 Image for lot 353
354 Chile 1934 'International' AIR issue with watermark, the set of twenty one good to fine mint. (SG 236/55) £10 Image for lot 354
355 Chile 1934 POSTAL FORGERY: 50p brown purple 'International Airmail' issue POSTAL FORGERY. A fine lightly used copy with part cds with genuine for comparison. Small thin on reverse. Scarce. (As SG 255) £75 Image for lot 355
356 Chile 1936 '400th Anniversary of Discovery of Chile' issue the set of twelve fine mint. (SG 256/267, Cat £34) £16 Image for lot 356
357 Chile 1937 AIRMAIL CHRISTMAS GREETINGS CARD: Illustrated 'AIR FRANCE' Christmas & New Year greetings postcard with dull blue image of an airplane franked on picture side with 1928 pair 5c green and 1p black & yellow green 'Presidente' issue, 1928 20c black & orange red AIR surcharge issue and 1934 2p light blue AIR issue (SG 188a, 206, 213 & 245) tied by light strikes of CUBA cds dated 20 DEC 1937. Addressed to FRANCE. Card has a couple of light stains but a very scarce card in used condition. £95 Image for lot 357
358 Chile 1937 AIRMAIL: Dull blue 'AIR FRANCE' Christmas & New Year greeting postcard with image of an airplane inscribed 'Bimotor potez tipo 62 de pasajeros en servicio entre Santiago Y Buenos Aires', franked on message side with 1931 20c brown and 1934 3p red brown AIR issue (SG 232 & 246) tied by CORREO AEREO SANTIAGO cds dated 9 JAN 1937. Addressed to FRANCE. Light vertical crease but a rare card in used condition. £75 Image for lot 358
359 Chile 1942 REVENUES: 'Asociacion del Dinero del Culto Arquidiocesis de Santiago' printed booklet with single 1942 5p on 1p orange & black 'Arquidiocesis de Santiago Dinero de Culto' REVENUE tied inside by manuscript date cancel. Some faults. £20 Image for lot 359
360 Chile 1948 'Claude Gay' issue complete set of seventy five in the three sheets of twenty five. Fine mint. (SG 381/3a/y) £60 Image for lot 360
361 Chile 1948 2p 60c green 'Claude Gay' issue the set of twenty five single stamps fine mint. (SG 382a/y, Cat £41) £25 Image for lot 361
362 Chile 1950 EXPRESS BUS COMPANIES: Circa 1950 cover with printed 'Casa Columbia Marcos Pulleghini R. Casilla 336 - Matta 517 Antofagasta' return address at top left franked with 1949 60c deep blue (SG 385) tied by two line 'ANTOFAGASTA PAGADO' marking in purple with manuscript '35' number added alongside. Addressed to CHIQUICAMATA. Fine & scarce. £95 Image for lot 362
363 Chile 1952 4p orange 'Presidente' postal stationery parcel post card (H&G N37). A fine unused example. £20 Image for lot 363
364 Chile 1955 100p deep myrtle green, 200p deep ultramarine and 500p scarlet AIR issue, recess printed with watermark, the set of three fine mint. (SG 439/441, Cat £20) £10 Image for lot 364
365 Chile 1955 DAMAGED MAIL: Large cover franked with an array of stamps including four different 60c ultramarine values of the 1949 'Claude Gay' issue all tied by SAN ANTONIO cds's dated 7 DEC 1955. Addressed to GERMANY with five 'Postamt Dortmund 1' black & white official seals along the bottom edge with German language 'Arrived damaged in Dortmund, Closed by the Post office' cachet in purple on reverse. £30 Image for lot 365
366 Chile 1965 REVENUES: Circa 1965 'Carnet de Bolsillo - Jabon Desodorante' booklet (pocket book of deodorant soap - with some of the soap still stapled inside) with small 50c blue green 'Especificos Suplementario' revenue cancelled and attached to the reverse. Unusual. £10 Image for lot 366
367 Chile 1975 '30th Anniversary of the Shipwreck of the Frigate Lautaro' issue, the set of twelve in three strips of four fine mint, the souvenir sheet on thick card and an illustrated FDC with the three 'Schooner Esmeralda' stamps tied by commemorative cancel. A lovely group. (SG 749/760) £25 Image for lot 367
368 Chile 1872-1915 Large mounted collection of mainly mint POSTAL STATIONERY cards from the first 1872 Perkins Bacon issue, 1881 set of three inc thin stock types through to 1915 'Presidente' issues including reply cards and a few lettercards. Includes duplication. Mixed condition. Good lot for study. (73 items) £100 Image for lot 368
369 Chile 1877-1900 POSTMARKS: 'F' to 'O' - Lovely collection on stocksheet mostly on Roulette issues with thimbles and double ring types inc FLORIDA, HUASCO, IQUIQUE, JUAN GODOY, LONDON (UK arrival cds), LAJA, LINARES, LOTA, LOS ANDES, LIGUA, MELIPILLA, MAGALLANES, NACIMIENTO, OVALLE & OSORNO. All good to fine strikes. (32 items) £30 Image for lot 369
370 Chile 1908-1960 TRAVELLING POST OFFICES: Nice range of covers with 1908 5c PSE (torn) from CONCEPCION to SANTA FE with AMBCIA ENTRE VICTORIA I SN ROSENDO cds, 1915 5c grey PSE with added 1c & 4c tied from TALCAHUANO to TEMUCO with AMBULANCIA 55 cds on reverse, 1925 cover with 10c & 3 x 20c tied by AMBULANCIA 15 cds's to UK and 1960 multifranked cover from ANGOL to UK with stamps tied by five strikes of AMBULANCIA 74 cds. (4 items) £45 Image for lot 370
371 Chile 1950-1970 REVENUES: Range of Tobacco revenues used to seal cigarette packets, various types & values, many inscribed with the Tobacco companies name inc BAT, B&W, CT and CCT and most with the Tax value printed on the label. All have folds/creases as is usual. (25) £25 Image for lot 371