Latin American Philatelics - Our Descriptions


We pride ourselves with our accurate and informative descriptions. The general format is as follows:

Country: For example "Colombia" or "Colombian States - Antioquia"

Date: This is the date of issue for stamps and the date of mailing for covers

Key Word or Term: This gives the focus of what is important about the item. For example: CANCELLATION indicates that the item has a postmark of interest and CLASSIC ISSUES indicates that the item is from the early period of that country's philately.

Description: This is the full description of the item including condition and any points of note.

IMAGES: Please note that all images are scanned on a flatbed scanner and on large blocks and multiples you may be able to see a feint line across the image. This is just the clear plastic strip used to keep the stamps in place and not a fault with the item.

On occasion a black or white dot may appear on the image please ask us to check the item as this may be a rogue bit of dirt or small piece of paper that has appeared on the scanner rather than a fault with the item.