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Lot Country Date Description Est(£) Image Bid
372 Colombia 1859 5c blue 'Grenadine Confederation' issue, a fine looking four margin copy used with part oval MEDELLIN FRANCA cancel in blue. Thinned on reverse. (SG 2, Cat £120) £60 Image for lot 372
373 Colombia 1859 10c bistre brown 'Grenadine Confederation' issue, a fine four margin unused copy. TIny thin on reverse. (SG 4, Cat £180) £80 Image for lot 373
374 Colombia 1859 10c buff 'Grenadine Confederation' FIRST issue, a good four margin copy used with part blue oval cancel. Small thin on reverse. (SG 4a, Cat £110) £45 Image for lot 374
375 Colombia 1859 1p carmine 'Grenadine Federation' issue, a fine mint copy with part O.G. Four margins. (SG 6, Cat £95) £45 Image for lot 375
376 Colombia 1860 10c yellow 'Grenadine Federation' second issue, a good used copy with oval BOGOTA cancel in black. Four large margins. Small thin on reverse. (SG 9, Cat £55) £25 Image for lot 376
377 Colombia 1863 5c yellow, a fine looking four margin unused example. Small thin on reverse. (SG 26a, Cat £60) £30 Image for lot 377
378 Colombia 1863 10c blue, a fine mint copy with full O.G. Four good to large margins. Light horizontal crease but a lovely looking stamp. (SG 27, Cat £50) £25 Image for lot 378
379 Colombia 1863 10c blue, a fine four margin used copy. (SG 27) £10 Image for lot 379
380 Colombia 1865 1c rose and 1c rose on bluish pelure paper, both fine mint four margin copies with full O.G. (SG 31 & 31a, Cat £35+) £16 Image for lot 380
381 Colombia 1865 20c blue, a fine looking four margin copy with POPAYAN manuscript cancel. Small thin on reverse. (SG 35) £10 Image for lot 381
382 Colombia 1865 50c green, two copies both 'Type A' and 'Type B', both fine lightly used with oval 'MEDELLIN FRANCA' cancels in blue, both have four tight to good margins. SG 36/7, Cat £89) £45 Image for lot 382
383 Colombia 1865 1p rose, a fine lightly used copy, margins tight to touching. (SG 38a) £10 Image for lot 383
384 Colombia 1865 1p black on rose SOBREPORTE issue, a superb mint copy with full O.G. Thee large margins just touching at bottom right Small thin on reverse. A rare stamp. (SG 41, Cat £160) £80 Image for lot 384
385 Colombia 1865 5c black 'A' registration issue, a fine used bottom marginal example with manuscript cancel, four margins. (SG R42, Cat £90) £45 Image for lot 385
386 Colombia 1866 1p carmine, a fine looking mint copy with small part O.G. Four margins. (SG 48a, Cat £85) £40 Image for lot 386
387 Colombia 1866 10p black on vermilion 'Top Value' a good used copy, four tight to touching margins. (SG 50, Cat £190) £75 Image for lot 387
388 Colombia 1870 1c green, 1c olive green, 1c rose (2), 2c brown (2), 5c yellow (2), 10c violet and 25c black on blue, the complete basic set plus a few shades all mint or unused. Mixed condition but generally good to fine. (SG 59/67) £35 Image for lot 388
389 Colombia 1870 10p black on vermilion 'High Value', Type 1, a fine used copy, four good margins used with oval 'MEDELLIN' cancel in red. Small thin on reverse. (SG 70, Cat £90) £30 Image for lot 389
390 Colombia 1876 1p pale red on white LAID paper, a fine used four margin copy. (SG 83) £12 Image for lot 390
391 Colombia 1876 20c greenish blue, 20c blue and 20c violet blue all on white wove paper, the three listed shades fine used. (SG 86, 86a & 86b) £10 Image for lot 391
392 Colombia 1881 10c lilac 'Registration' issue, a fine looking unused copy with good margins all round. (SG R105, Cat £85) £35 Image for lot 392
393 Colombia 1891 Three earlier covers with 1891 cover franked with pair 1890 10c brown on yellow (SG 147) tied by oval BUCARAMANGA cancels to USA, 1898 cover with 1892 10c brown on rose (SG 155) tied by BUCARAMANGA duplex cds to USA and 1899 cover with 1892 10c brown on rose (SG 155) tied by small BARRANQUILLA cds to GERMANY. Small faults. (3 items) £45 Image for lot 393
394 Colombia 1892 2c red on rose, a fine unused copy with small part O.G. Key value. (SG 150, Cat £55) £25 Image for lot 394
395 Colombia 1895 BISECT: 10c brown on rose diagonally BISECTED on small 'Dr Nicholas' piece tied by oval RIOHACHA FRANCA cancel with undated RIOHACHA cds alongside. Addressed locally within RIOHACHA. (SG 155) £15 Image for lot 395
396 Colombia 1899 1000 DAYS WAR: 5c maroon on green and 10c red on rose 'Cartagena' issue pin-perf, both mint. (SG 179/80, Cat £48) £24 Image for lot 396
397 Colombia 1899 1000 DAYS WAR: 1c brown on buff 'Cartagena' issue, pin perf 8-9, a fine mint copy. (SG 181, Cat £29) £15 Image for lot 397
398 Colombia 1900 1000 DAYS WAR: Printed 'F. B. Fearon & Co. Cartagena. Rep. de Colombia.' cover franked with pair 1900 5c vermilion 'Cartagena' issue, imperf (SG 183A) tied by CARTAGENA cds dated MAR 6 1900. Addressed to UK with arrival cds on reverse. £50 Image for lot 398
399 Colombia 1902 1000 DAYS WAR: 'Cartagena' issue 1902 10c scarlet pin perf, 20c violet and 20c pale lilac imperf and 1903 50c brown both imperf and pin perf all fine mint or unused. (SG 215B, 220A, 228A & 228Ba) £20 Image for lot 399
400 Colombia 1902 1000 DAYS WAR: 10c slate purple 'Medellin' REGISTRATION issue, a fine mint copy. Couple of light tones. (SG R257, Cat £29) £15 Image for lot 400
401 Colombia 1903 1000 DAYS WAR: 5p brown, 5p claret and 5p blue green 'Barranquilla' issue all fine mint four margin copies. (SG 237A/239A, Cat £28) £15 Image for lot 401
402 Colombia 1903 1000 DAYS WAR: 10p yellow green and 10p green 'Barranquilla' issue, two distinct shades fine mint and 10p yellow green cds used with small thin on reverse. (SG 240A, Cat £30+) £15 Image for lot 402
403 Colombia 1904 10p black & blue on bluish 'President Marroquin' issue, a fine cds used copy. A scarce & underrated stamp. (SG 288, Cat £75) £50 Image for lot 403
404 Colombia 1904 GOLD CURRENCY ISSUE: Cover franked with single 1904 5c rose 'Gold Currency' issue on pelure paper (SG 262) tied by BOGOTA SECCION INTERNACIONAL cds dated FEB 19 1904. Addressed to FRANCE with transit & arrival marks on reverse. Nice early use of this issue. £15 Image for lot 404
405 Colombia 1917 1c 'Torres' and 2c 'Narino' PORTRAIT issue, both fine IMPERF PROOFS in black on thick paper by Perkins Bacon. Very fine & attractive. (As SG 358/9) £50 Image for lot 405
406 Colombia 1917 1p 'Sucre' PORTRAIT issue, a fine IMPERF PROOF in black on thick paper by Perkins Bacon. Very fine & attractive. (As SG 365) £30 Image for lot 406
407 Colombia 1917 10p deep brown 'Top Value', a superb unmounted mint example. (SG 368, Cat £60) £40 Image for lot 407
408 Colombia 1917 10p brown 'Arms' issue top value compound perf 11½ x 13½, a fine cds used copy. (SG 368) £15 Image for lot 408
409 Colombia 1926 PERFIN: Printed blue & red 'J. V. Mogollon & Co. Cartagena Colombia Papeleria, Libreria, Encuadernacion y Tipografia' cover with Remmington Typewriter Advert at lower left franked with 1923 4c blue & 8c blue (SG 395 & 397) both with 'J.V.M.' PERFINS tied by CARTAGENA cds in blue. Addressed to FRANCE. Cover has a slight stain at centre. £15 Image for lot 409
410 Colombia 1929 MARITIME: 'Royal Bank of Canada' cover franked with single 1917 1c green (SG 358) tied by NEW YORK PAQUEBOT duplex cds dated JUN 12 1929 with good strike of straight line 'SANTA INEZ' ship marking in purple alongside. Addressed to USA with boxed 'ROYAL BANK OF CANADA CALI COLOMBIA' despatch marking on reverse. £35 Image for lot 410
411 Colombia 1932 'Correo Aereo' OVERPRINT on SCADTA issue, 15c green, 30c grey blue, 40c reddish lilac, 50c brown olive and 20c rose red with 'R' opt all in fine unmounted mint blocks of four. (SG 415, 417/9 & R426, Cat £103) £45 Image for lot 411
412 Colombia 1932 60c pale reddish brown 'CORREO AEREO' opt issue (on Scadta stamp), a fine unmounted mint COMPLETE SHEET OF FIFTY with sheet margins all round and '6042-31' imprint in bottom margin. (SG 420, Cat £275) £95 Image for lot 412
413 Colombia 1932 3p dull mauve SCADTA issue with 'CORREO AEREO' opt in black, a fine cds used copy. (SG 424, Cat £85) £45 Image for lot 413
414 Colombia 1932 'Airmail' issue the set of fifteen plus the 20c with 'R' registration opt all good to fine cds used. (SG 435/49 & R450, Cat £44+) £22 Image for lot 414
415 Colombia 1934 '400th Anniversary of Cartagena' OPT issue, the set of four fine cds used. (SG 454/7, Cat £30) £20 Image for lot 415
416 Colombia 1934 20c on 1p bistre & deep blue '400th Anniversary of Cartagena' OPT issue, a superb unmounted mint block of ten comprising two vertical rows of stamps with sheet margins on three sides. (SG 456, Cat £87+) £40 Image for lot 416
417 Colombia 1937 'Barranquilla Industrial Exhibition' issue, the set of three fine mint. (SG 493/5, Cat £32) £16 Image for lot 417
418 Colombia 1940 25c grey black 'P.O. Rebuilding Fund' issue top value (not issued for postal use), a fine cds used copy. (As SG 546) £25 Image for lot 418
419 Colombia 1942 REVENUES: 1c black, 4c blue and 25c scarlet 'Capitolo Nacional' REVENUE issue inscribed 'Timbre Nacional' and dated '1942' printed on plain paper and 5c orange, 20c violet, 25c blue, 40c brown and 50c orange without date printed on security paper. All fine blocks of four each with 'SPECIMEN' opt in red and small hole punch. Ex ABNCo. archive. (32 stamps) £45 Image for lot 419
420 Colombia 1944 20c grey and 20c green 'Garcia Rovira' issue 'Columbian Banknote Co.' IMPERF PROOFS in issued and unissued colours. Fine. (As SG 591) £45 Image for lot 420
421 Colombia 1944 REVENUES: 10c blue, 20c violet, 50c orange, 1p carmine, 2p turquoise, 4p olive and 5p brown 'Arms' REVENUE issue inscribed 'Timbre Nacional Servicio Exterior'. The set of seven each with 'SPECIMEN' opt in red and small hole punch. Ex ABNCo. archive. £25 Image for lot 421
422 Colombia 1946 Airmail cover franked with 1945 10c yellow orange and 60c brown purple, 1946 15c blue and 1945 1c red orange TAX issue (SG 623, 629, 648 & 614) tied by MEDELLIN cds's. Addressed to UK with nice multicolour 'CORREO AEREO DE COLOMBIA' illustrated 'Airplane' label on reverse. £10 Image for lot 422
423 Colombia 1948 2p blue & blue green, 3p black & rose carmine and 5p turquoise & sepia AIR issue top values fine mint. (SG 701/703, Cat £60) £30 Image for lot 423
424 Colombia 1954 'Pictorial' definitive issue, the set of seventeen good to fine used. (SG 788/804) £10 Image for lot 424
425 Colombia 1956 3p black & carmine red, 5p blue & brown and 10p bluish green & yellow brown, the top three values fine mint. (SG 892/4, Cat £33+) £16 Image for lot 425
426 Colombia 1959 'Miss World' issue, the set of three fine mint. (SG 952/4, Cat £60) £30 Image for lot 426
427 Colombia 1959 'Miss World' issue, the set of three (SG 952/4) on illustrated official First Day Cover numbered '318' tied by BOGOTA PRIMER DIA DE SERVICIO cds's dated 26.6.1959. Unaddressed. A scarce FDC, very few were issued. (Stamps Cat £60 as used) £45 Image for lot 427
428 Colombia 1974 ISLAND MAIL: Cover franked with 1974 2p (SG 1351) tied by SAN ANDRES ISLA cds. Addressed to HONDURAS with arrival marks on reverse plus 1970's colour PPC 'San Andres Isla, Colombia Hanza Club Villa' with contemporary message but not mailed. (2 items) £10 Image for lot 428
429 Colombia 1916-1932 Small range of covers inc 1928 reg with GB type blue & white 'MEDELLIN' reg label to Canal Zone, 1916 5c tied by NEW YORK PAQUEBOT cds to USA, 1922 3 x Provisional Numerals to USA, 1921 cover with boxed TUMACO cancel, 1932 2 x 4c & 2 x 1c to Costa Rica, 1928 4c to Mexico via Panama, 1925 3c on 10c PSE with added 1c from MEDELLIN to BOGOTA and 1928 4c blue PSE used CARTAGENA to BOGOTA. All good to fine. (8 items) £45 Image for lot 429
430 Colombia 1935-1942 Trio of commercial covers all with 5c frankings, two with ½c tax stamps addressed to BOGOTA (2) or USA with fine cds postmarks of VILLAVICENCIO (MET), EL CENTRO (STD) and CAPARRAPI (CUND). (3 items) £20 Image for lot 430
431 Colombia - Airmail 1920 SCADTA: 30c black on rose 'Valiente' FIRST ISSUE, a good mint copy. (SG 1, Cat £39) £20 Image for lot 431
432 Colombia - Airmail 1920 CCNA: 10c brick red 'Plane over cliffs & lighthouse' issue, an unused copy. Creased at bottom. (SG 14, Cat £95) £25 Image for lot 432
433 Colombia - Airmail 1921 SCADTA: 'Litho' definitive issue the set to 2p fine cds used. (SG 18/26, Cat £73+) £35 Image for lot 433
434 Colombia - Airmail 1921 SCADTA: 20c orange brown 'Litho' issue without watermark, a fine mint complete sheet of twenty five. (SG 21, Cat £125) £60 Image for lot 434
435 Colombia - Airmail 1923 SCADTA: Range of consular OPTS, machine types with 30c dull blue and 60c yellow brown with 'A' opt, 30c dull blue with 'E' opt, 30c dull blue with 'EU' opt, 10c light green and 20c grey with 'GB' opt, 10c light green and 15c carmine red with 'H' opt, 5c orange yellow with 'P' opt and 60c yellow brown with 'S' opt all good to fine used. (SG 30A, 32A, 30E, 30F, 27H, 29H, 27/8I, 26K & 32L, Cat £108+) £35 Image for lot 435
436 Colombia - Airmail 1923 SCADTA: 10c light green with 'EU' machine opt in black for use in the USA, a mint corner marginal block of six with sweated gum. (SG 27F, Cat £27) £12 Image for lot 436
437 Colombia - Airmail 1923 SCADTA: 5p olive sepia with 'EU' machine opt for use in USA a fine used copy. Light crease. (SG 36F, Cat £85) £25 Image for lot 437
438 Colombia - Airmail 1923 SCADTA: 60c yellow brown with watermark, a fine mint complete sheet of twenty five. (SG 44, Cat £87+) £40 Image for lot 438
439 Colombia - Airmail 1923 SCADTA: 30c dull blue and 60c yellow brown with 'G.B.' handstamp in violet for use in Great Britain, both fine cds used. Slightly rounded corner on the 60c. (SG 48M & 50M, Cat £54+) £25 Image for lot 439
440 Colombia - Airmail 1923 SCADTA: 30c on 60c orange 'PROVISIONAL' opt issue, a fine unused example without gum. (SG 53, Cat £90) £20 Image for lot 440
441 Colombia - Airmail 1923 SCADTA: Cover franked with 1923 3c blue national issue (SG 394) and 1923 30c on 20c grey SCADTA 'Provisional' issue (SG 52) tied by GIRARDOT Scadta cds dated 13 XI 1923. Addressed to BARRANQUILLA with arrival cds on reverse. Cover slightly trimmed at left. A very scarce stamp on cover. £120 Image for lot 441
442 Colombia - Airmail 1923 SCADTA: Cover franked with Scadta 1923 30c on 60c orange 'PROVISIONAL' opt issue (SG 53) plus 1923 3c blue National issue (SG 394) tied by MANIZALES SCADTA cds's in red dated 6.XII.1923. Addressed to USA with green 'Correo Aereo' Scadta airmail label on front and BARRANQUILLA transit cds on reverse. A very scarce use as this provisional was only authorised for use on the internal service. £65 Image for lot 442
443 Colombia - Airmail 1929 SCADTA: 'Definitive' issue, the set of thirteen good to fine used. (SG 56/68, Cat £70) £35 Image for lot 443
444 Colombia - Airmail 1930 SCADTA: 'Death Centenary of Simon Bolivar' OPT issue, the set of three fine mint. (SG 70/72, Cat £36) £20 Image for lot 444
445 Colombia - Airmail 1935 SCADTA: Large format black, white & green airmail label inscribed "AERO-EXPRESO NACIONAL SCADTA" imperf fine unused. £10 Image for lot 445
446 Colombia - Private Express Companies 1926 CORREO RAPIDO DE SANTANDER: 2c light green 'Small Numeral' type, a fine unused block of four. (Hurt & Williams #S9) £40 Image for lot 446
447 Colombia - Private Express Companies 1926 CORREO RAPIDO DE NORTE SANTANDER: 4c blue on yellow pelure paper 'Correo Rapido de Norte Santander' EXPRESS issue a very fine unused copy. (Hurt & Williams #S1) £35 Image for lot 447
448 Colombia - Private Express Companies 1926 CORREO RAPIDO DE SANTANDER: 4c green 'Correo Rapido de Norte Santander' issue, a fine cds used copy. (Hurt & Williams #S10) £12 Image for lot 448
449 Colombia - Private Express Companies 1926 CORREO RAPIDO DE SANTANDER: 2c light green 'Small Numeral' type, a fine unused copy. (Hurt & Williams #S9) £12 Image for lot 449
450 Colombia - Private Express Companies 1927 TOBON: 6c red and 6c rose red EL EXPRESO TOBON 'Train' issue, both different printings good to fine used. Scarce. (Hurt & Williams #S24) £85 Image for lot 450
451 Colombia - Private Express Companies 1927 RIBON: Unissued 'Berlin' printing, the set of nine plus the 'R' registration overprint on the 20c yellow all on 'Scadta' watermarked paper, fine mint. £35 Image for lot 451
452 Colombia - Private Express Companies 1931 COMPANIA DE TRANSPORTES TERRESTRES: 5c brownish red 'Compania de Transportes Terrestres' EXPRESS issue, small type showing bus & monument. A fine unmounted mint copy. (Hurt & Williams # S21) £24 Image for lot 452
453 Colombia - Private Express Companies 1934 FLOTA SANTA FE: 5c brown used with good strike of the illustrated 'SOBRE PORTE POR 5 CTS FLOTA SANTA FE' cancel with 'Bus illustration in centre. A rare marking. (SG 459) £40 Image for lot 453
454 Colombian States - Antioquia 1868 ANTIOQUIA - BOGUS ISSUS: 5c green 'First Issue' BOGUS type made from the altered Die of the 2½c from the defaced plate, a fine unused four margin example. £15 Image for lot 454
455 Colombian States - Antioquia 1869 ANTIOQUIA: 1p carmine used with manuscript cancel. A fine four margin copy. (SG 10) £15 Image for lot 455
456 Colombian States - Antioquia 1882 ANTIOQUIA: 10c violet 'Liberty' issue on LAID paper, a good copy with three clear margins, touching at top with SALAMINA manuscript cancel. Small corner thin but a scarce stamp. (SG 36) £45 Image for lot 456
457 Colombian States - Antioquia 1888 ANTIOQUIA: 5c red on orange 'Typeset' provisional issue a fine complete SHEET of ten unused. Large margins all round. Attractive multiple. (SG 73) £75 Image for lot 457
458 Colombian States - Antioquia 1889 ANTIOQUIA: 1c black on yellow 'Arms' issue perforated COLOUR TRIAL in unissued colour (the issued stamp was printed in black on rose). A fine example. (As SG 74) £18 Image for lot 458
459 Colombian States - Antioquia 1892 ANTIOQUIA: 1c blue, a fine mint copy with variety IMPERF BETWEEN VERTICAL PAIR. (SG 90 variety) £30 Image for lot 459
460 Colombian States - Antioquia 1901 ANTIOQUIA: 2½c purple on LAID paper 'Late Fee' issue, original printing complete SHEETLET of four with central dividing gutters & outer margin (left & right). Unused, few light tones. Attractive. (SG L137) £12 Image for lot 460
461 Colombian States - Antioquia 1902 ANTIOQUIA: 1c rose 'Numeral' issue, an unused block of fifteen some gum staining. (SG 138) £10 Image for lot 461
462 Colombian States - Bolivar 1863 BOLIVAR: 1p red 'First Issue', a fine just four margin copy, tight at top right used with manuscript cancel & also part of an oval cancel in purple. Scarce. (SG 3) £25 Image for lot 462
463 Colombian States - Bolivar 1874 BOLIVAR: 5c blue used with SAN JACINTO manuscript cancel. Thinned but uncommon. (SG 8) £20 Image for lot 463
464 Colombian States - Bolivar 1879 BOLIVAR: 20c green on wove paper ERROR OF COLOUR dated '1879' a fine unused copy. (SG 13a) £25 Image for lot 464
465 Colombian States - Bolivar 1884 BOLIVAR: 20c carmine dated '1884', perf 12, a fine mint copy with O.G. (SG 44A) £12 Image for lot 465
466 Colombian States - Cauca 1905 CAUCA - BOGUS: 5c red and 10c green BOGUS issue inscribed 'Provincia de Cauca' imperf, both fine unused. £16 Image for lot 466
467 Colombian States - Cundinamarca 1870 CUNDINAMARCA: 5c pale blue 'First Issue' REPRINT on thin paper, an unused corner block of fifteen. Fine condition. (As SG 1) £25 Image for lot 467
468 Colombian States - Cundinamarca 1883 CUNDINAMARCA: Black on orange 'Typeset' PROVISIONAL REGISTRATION issue a fine used copy with manuscript signature control, large manuscript 'A' and '815' registration number. Four large margins. A scarce issue genuinely used. (SG R13) £40 Image for lot 468
469 Colombian States - Santander 1886 SANTANDER: 5c red 'Second' issue a fine mint block of four with variety BOTTOM TWO STAMPS ALMOST ENTIRELY OMITTED. A striking variety. (SG 5) £35 Image for lot 469
470 Colombian States - Santander 1889 SANTANDER: 1c grey blue IMPERF PROOF on thin paper, huge margins all round. (As SG 13) £40 Image for lot 470
471 Colombian States - Santander 1903 SANTANDER - BISECT: Small piece franked with 1903 50c red 'Postal Fiscal' issue DIAGONALLY BISECTED and tied by good strike of CORREOS DEL DEPARTAMENTO BUCARAMANGA oval sawtooth & 'Sun' cancel. (SG F20) £30 Image for lot 471
472 Colombian States - Tolima 1884 TOLIMA: 2p violet 'Arms' issue, a fine mint imperf pair with variety VALUE OMITTED on top stamp. Underrated variety. (SG 34 & 34a) £40 Image for lot 472
473 Colombian States - Tolima 1886 TOLIMA: 1p vermilion on white wove paper, a fine mint block of eight. (SG 40) £15 Image for lot 473