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Lot Country Date Description Est(£) Image Bid
474 Costa Rica 1863 'First Issue' set of five fine unused (without gum). Nice colours. (SG 1/5, Cat £55) £20 Image for lot 474
475 Costa Rica 1863 1p orange 'First Issue' a fine used copy. (SG 5) £20 Image for lot 475
476 Costa Rica 1882 5c on ½r deep blue 'UPU' surcharge issue, an unused genuine copy with small fault at top but otherwise fine. A scarce & underrated issue as the majority of stamps offered are forgeries. (SG 10) £35 Image for lot 476
477 Costa Rica 1883 'Fernandez' issue, the set of five fine cds used. (SG 13/17) £15 Image for lot 477
478 Costa Rica 1883 10c orange 'Fernandez' issue, a superb used copy with light cds dated 1884. (SG 16) £10 Image for lot 478
479 Costa Rica 1885 GUANACASTE: Useful range of genuine issues with red & black opts on Fernandez issue and later opt types on Soto issue. Mixed mint & used. (17 different) £30 Image for lot 479
480 Costa Rica 1887 5c violet (unused) and 10c orange mint 'Soto' issue with 'OFICIAL.' opt. (SG O39/40) £10 Image for lot 480
481 Costa Rica 1889 5p olive green 'Soto' issue with 'SPECIMEN' opt in black, unused without gum. (SG 30) £12 Image for lot 481
482 Costa Rica 1889 10p black 'Soto' issue, a good mint copy. Two small thins on reverse. (SG 31, Cat £90) £40 Image for lot 482
483 Costa Rica 1890 2c green on buff and 3c red on buff PSCs (H&G 3/4) both cancelled to order with fine strikes of undated oval CORREOS DE SAN ISIDRO COSTA RICA cancels in purple. Very unusual to get these cards cancelled in the smaller village P.O.s. (2 items) £30 Image for lot 483
484 Costa Rica 1892 2c orange & 5c violet (three copies) 'Arms' issue all used with good strikes of the 'Pumpkin Head' cancel of the German Colony of LA ESPERANZA said to be the image of the leader of the colony. (SG 33/34) £40 Image for lot 484
485 Costa Rica 1892 5c violet 'Arms' issue, a fine mint copy with full gum. (SG 34, Cat £55) £25 Image for lot 485
486 Costa Rica 1892 1c greenish blue 'Arms' issue with very fine complete strike of the STAR OF DAVID cancellation in purple. (SG 32) £10 Image for lot 486
487 Costa Rica 1892 Cover franked on reverse with 1892 10c green 'Arms' issue (SG 35) tied by fair strike of undated CORREOS NARANJO COSTA RICA cancel in black. Addressed to USA with SAN JOSE transit cds on front. £30 Image for lot 487
488 Costa Rica 1893 10c brown PSE (H&G 4a) used with added pair 1892 5c violet 'Arms' issue (SG 34) tied by SAN JOSE cds's. Addressed to GERMANY with transit cds on reverse. £40 Image for lot 488
489 Costa Rica 1904 Neat cover franked with single 1901 10c black & yellow brown 'Carrillo' issue (SG 45) tied by fine PUNTARENAS cds with second strike alongside. Addressed to USA with SAN JOSE transit cds on front and USA arrival cds on reverse. £35 Image for lot 489
490 Costa Rica 1904 Cover franked with pair 1901 5c black & pale blue 'Waterlow' issue (SG 44) tied by 'Target' cancels in black with SAN JOSE cds dated MAY 8 1904 alongside. Addressed to FRANCE with arrival marks on reverse. £25 Image for lot 490
491 Costa Rica 1907 20c slate & olive 'Portrait' issue perf 11½ x 14, a fine mint copy. (SG 72) £20 Image for lot 491
492 Costa Rica 1907 50c indigo blue & dull claret, 1col black & sienna and 2col myrtle & claret 'Portrait' issue perf 11½x14 all fine used, the 2col has a small thin on reverse. (SG 74/6, Cat £140) £50 Image for lot 492
493 Costa Rica 1909 5c blue postal stationery envelope (H&G B5a) sent registered to GERMANY with boxed REG marking on front and DEPART DE CERTIFICADOS SAN JOSE cds on reverse. Also 1922 2c blue postal stationery card used with added strip of four 1910 1c brown (SG 77) tied by SAN JOSE cds's to USA, late use of this card. (2 items) £35 Image for lot 493
494 Costa Rica 1910 TELEGRAPH ISSUE: 'Steamer Ship' TELEGRAPH issue, the set of seven each stamp overprinted 'SPECIMEN' and with small hole punch. Ex ABNCo. archive. (Barefoot #13/19) £45 Image for lot 494
495 Costa Rica 1910 TELEGRAPH ISSUE: 5c orange 'Steamer Ship' TELEGRAPH issue overprinted 'SPECIMEN' in red with variety 'SPECIMEN' OPT DOUBLE. Unusual. (Barefoot #13 var) £15 Image for lot 495
496 Costa Rica 1911 Cover franked with single 1911 5c indigo & orange buff with 'HABILITADO 1911' opt (SG 90) tied by SAN JOSE roller cancel dated SEP 20 1911. Addressed internally to LIMON with arrival cds on reverse. Uncommon issue on cover. £25 Image for lot 496
497 Costa Rica 1921 'Independence Centenary of Central America' issue, the set of five in fine mint TETE-BECHE PAIRS. Very scarce. (SG 118a/122a, Cat £250) £95 Image for lot 497
498 Costa Rica 1926 AIRMAIL: Useful group with 1926 First Flight to Canal Zone, boxed FIERO cancel on cover, 1930 'Correo Aereo' opts on commercial cover to USA, 1943 three TACA first flight covers to Miami, Salvador and Honduras and 1946 PAA flight to Texas. (7 items) £50 Image for lot 498
499 Costa Rica 1930 FIRST FLIGHT: Cover franked with 1929 13c on 40c green and 1930 2 x 20c on 1col black & deep lilac and 2 x 40c on 1col black & deep lilac AIR surcharge issue (SG 173 & 178/9) tied by CORREO AEREO COSTA RICA cds's dated MAR 11 1930. Flown on the SAN JOSE - USA flight with first flight cachet on front. (Muller #14) £20 Image for lot 499
500 Costa Rica 1931 2col on 2col grey green 'Revenue' issue on white paper with AIRMAIL surcharge in scarlet. A fine mint copy. (SG 190) £25 Image for lot 500
501 Costa Rica 1931 Registered cover franked with 1923 5c green and 10c carmine and 1926 30c orange (SG 141, 143 & 167) tied by SAN JOSE cds dated AGO 20 1931 with printed REG label alongside. Addressed to GREECE with various transit & arrival marks on reverse. £18 Image for lot 501
502 Costa Rica 1934 Registered cover franked with pair 1932 20c blue 'Triangular' issue (SG 197) tied by DEPARTAMENTO DE CERTIFICADOS LIMON cds's dated 25 NOV 1934 with printed REG label alongside. Addressed to SPAIN with arrival cds on reverse. £20 Image for lot 502
503 Costa Rica 1935 MARITIME: Cover franked with Great Britain 1924 ½d green GV issue (SG 418) tied by LIMON cds dated JAN 4 1935 with fine strike of large 'OCEAN MAILS S.S. "CAVINA" ' marking in purple. Addressed to USA. £25 Image for lot 503
504 Costa Rica 1941 'Central American & Caribbean Football Championship' issue, the complete set of eighteen fine mint. (SG 282/99, Cat £110) £75 Image for lot 504
505 Costa Rica 1947 15c on 25c green, 15c on 30c orange and 15c on 55c blue SURCHARGE on 'Football' issue, the set of three with variety OVERPRINT INVERTED, good mint. A few light tone spots on gum but scarce. Only 200 of each were printed. (SG 432a/434a) £75 Image for lot 505
506 Costa Rica 1954 'National Industries' issue, the set of twenty four fine mint. (SG 520/38, Cat £31) £15 Image for lot 506
507 Cuba 1860 POSTAL FORGERY: 1r bright green 'Isabella' issue POSTAL FORGERY tied on small piece by light 'Bars' cancel. Scarce. (As SG 10) £45 Image for lot 507
508 Cuba 1862 ¼r black 'Isabella' issue, a fine unused copy with four margins. (SG 13, Cat £30) £15 Image for lot 508
509 Cuba 1864 Group of three Isabella covers with 1864 cover franked with four margin 1857 ½r pale blue 'Isabella' issue (SG 9a, lower left corner rounded) tied by 'Parilla' cancel with fine TUNAS cds alongside, addressed to PUERTO PRINCIPE with arrival cds on reverse. An undated cover franked with 1857 ½r greenish blue (SG9) tied by 'Parilla' cancel sent to UNION and a 1863 cover franked with 2 x 1857 ½r deep blue tied from HABANA to MANZANILLO. (3 covers) £65 Image for lot 509
510 Cuba 1869 5c rose 'Isabella' issue dated '1869' a good unused copy. (SG 32, Cat £37) £16 Image for lot 510
511 Cuba 1876 25c 'King Alfonso VII' issue dated '1876' a fine IMPERF COLOUR TRIAL in deep green on green paper, gummed with four margins. (As SG 65) £30 Image for lot 511
512 Cuba 1879 'Alfonso XII' issue dated '1879', the set of five fine mint or unused. (SG 79 & 81/4, Cat £25) £12 Image for lot 512
513 Cuba 1883 5c on 5c dull lavender 'La Propaganda Literaria' SURCHARGE issue with SG opt type 20. Two used copies both with variety OPT DOUBLE. One has a perf fault and the other is thinned. (SG 106 var) £15 Image for lot 513
514 Cuba 1891 Complete folded letter franked with 1891 10c dull rose 'Babyhead' issue (SG 151) tied by HABANA cds dated 7 SEP 1891. Addressed to MEXICO with arrival cds on reverse. £25 Image for lot 514
515 Cuba 1894 2c aniline pink 'Babyhead' issue, a fine mint copy. (SG 160 Cat £42) £20 Image for lot 515
516 Cuba 1894 Pair of 'Babyhead' issue covers with 1894 cover franked with pair 1891 10c dull rose (SG 151) tied by CIENFUEGOS cds to UK and 1895 cover franked with 1891 5c blue green (SG 150) tied by indistinct cds to USA with HABANA transit cds on reverse. (2 covers) £20 Image for lot 516
517 Cuba 1898 INSURRECTION: 2c brown 'Revolutionary Government' issue, a good unused copy. Paper a little toned but uncommon. (Jones-Roy #193) £15 Image for lot 517
518 Cuba 1899 US OCCUPATION: 2c on 2c rose pink 'CUBA' opt on USA issue with variety 'CUPA' for 'CUBA'. A fine unused copy without gum. Small thin on reverse. A very scarce variety. (SG 247ca, Cat £170) £95 Image for lot 518
519 Cuba 1899 US OCCUPATION: 10c on 10c indigo 'CUBA' opt on USA 'Special Delivery' issue, a fine mint copy from the right hand edge of the sheet with straight line margin. (SG E252, Cat £225) £80 Image for lot 519
520 Cuba 1899 US OCCUPATION: First 'Definitive' issue, the set of five fine mint. (SG 301/5, Cat £33) £16 Image for lot 520
521 Cuba 1899 SPANISH AMERICAN WAR: Long stampless penalty envelope with 'WAR DEPARTMENT' heading at top and large oval 'COMMANDANCIA GENERAL SECRETARIA PUERTO PRINCIPE' cachet in blue with light strike of MILITARY STATION No.11 PUERTO PRINCIPE CUBA N.Y.P.O. cds dated MAR 29 1899 on front. Addressed to HAVANA with arrival cds on reverse. Rare. £100 Image for lot 521
522 Cuba 1907 TRAVELLING POST OFFICES: Colour PPC 'Retour de la peche aux huitres' with manuscript 'Best Wishes from Robt R. Co. L. U.S.M.C. Lajos, Cuba' on message side and franked with 1905 2c carmine (SG 308, stamp damaged) tied by fine strike of ISABEL & CIENFUEGOS R.P.O. cds dated 27 SEP 1907. Addressed to USA with HAVANA transit cds on reverse. £30 Image for lot 522
523 Cuba 1907 US NAVY: Pair of real photographic sepia PPCs showing US Navy sailors in their whites on deck both individually annotated in manuscript 'Taken in the cutter returning to the Ship, all happy Jack, Guantanamo Cuba Feb 20 1907' and 'Can you find me ! Jack, Guantanamo Cuba Feb 20 1907'. Both are franked with 1905 1c green (SG 307) tied by CAIMANERA cds's. Addressed to USA. A superb and rare pair of cards that will make a wonderful page for display. £50 Image for lot 523
524 Cuba 1910 TELEGRAPHS: 'Portrait' issue the first printing from 1910, set of seven, the second printing in new colours from 1911, the set of six and the later 1913 re-issued set of six all with 'SPECIMEN' overprint in red and small hole punch. The different types of Specimen overprint show the difference in the printings. Odd small fault but otherwise a superb set. Ex ABNCo. archive. Illustrated photocopy of the print order accompanies. (19 specimens, Barefoot #91/103) £65 Image for lot 524
525 Cuba 1912 BISECT: Cover front franked with diagonally BISECTED 1905 2c carmine (SG 308) used as a 1c for local delivery within Havana tied by HABANA machine cancel dated FEB 13 1912. Addressed locally. The front has a couple of creases but a scarce and correctly used bisect. £75 Image for lot 525
526 Cuba 1914 50c orange and 1p slate 'Map' issue the top two values fine cds used. (SG 333/4) £20 Image for lot 526
527 Cuba 1914 TRAVELLING POST OFFICES: B&W PPC 'Matanzas, Cuba, Ermita de Montserrat, Imagen de la Virgen' franked on message side with 1911 1c green (SG 320) tied by good strike of HABANA Y CAMAGUEY AMBULANTE cds dated FEB 4 1914. Addressed to USA. £35 Image for lot 527
528 Cuba 1917 BOOKLET PANE: 2c rose red 'Portrait' issue BOOKLET PANE of six with selvedge and perforations all round. Pane a little toned and perfs reinforced by hinges on reverse. (SG 337b, Cat £30) £15 Image for lot 528
529 Cuba 1917 50c brown carmine 'Portrait' issue, a fine mint block of four. (SG 343, Cat £58) £25 Image for lot 529
530 Cuba 1917 INSURRECTION ISSUE: 1c green & 2c carmine 'Map' issue with '1917 GOB CONSTITUCIONAL CAMAGUEY' overprint of the 'La Chambelona' revolution where Liberal forces attempted to take over the government but were only successful in Camaguey for the period 11th Feb - 26th Feb 1917 before being defeated. Unused without gum and a little toned but very scarce. (A Page of information on the issue from an international exhibit accompanies). £95 Image for lot 530
531 Cuba 1928 '6th Pan-American Conference' issue, the set of ten fine mint. (SG 354/63, Cat £31) £15 Image for lot 531
532 Cuba 1930 FIRST FLIGHT: Airmail cover franked with 1930 10c on 25c deep violet AIR surcharge issue (SG 375) tied by HAVANA machine cancel dated OCT 30 1930. Flown on the HAVANA - SANTIAGO DE CUBA leg of the first national flight of the central route with large first flight cachet in blue on front and arrival cds on the same day on reverse. (Muller 22, 300 covers carried) £20 Image for lot 532
533 Cuba 1933 TRAVELLING POST OFFICES: 1c black on buff PSC (H&G 39) datelined 'Mendoza, Prov P. Rio' on reverse used with good strike of HABANA Y GUANES AMBULANTE cds dated DEC 30 1933. Addressed to HAVANA with arrival cds on the same day on reverse. £35 Image for lot 533
534 Cuba 1935 TRAVELLING POST OFFICES: Pair of 1c black on buff postal stationery cards (H&G 39) both used from CIENFUEGOS to FRANCE sending Christmas greetings both used with CIENFUEGOS Y SANTA CLARA R.P.O. cds's one is a poor strike. (2 items) £30 Image for lot 534
535 Cuba 1937 'Writers and Artists' issue, the set of twenty three fine cds used. (SG 424a/424w, Cat £100) £65 Image for lot 535
536 Cuba 1937 Registered cover with typed 'FIRST DAY COVER' on front franked with 1937 5c scarlet 'Panama' and 5c scarlet 'Paraguay' and 8c yellow olive 'USA' WRITERS & ARTISTS issue (SG 424k, 424p & 424q) tied by MIRANDA cds's dated 13 OCT 1937 with boxed REG marking. Sent airmail to USA with transit & arrival marks on reverse. £35 Image for lot 536
537 Cuba 1939 10c emerald green ROCKET POST issue with 'Experimento del Cohete Postal Ano de 1939' overprint. A fine mint copy. (SG 433, Cat £40) £20 Image for lot 537
538 Cuba 1939 CINDERELLA: 25c black 'Consejo Provincial' MATANZAS Revenue with 'Primer Cohete Aereo 1939' overprint in black. Issued for the Experimental Rocket Post of October 1939. Fine mint. Uncommon. £20 Image for lot 538
539 Cuba 1955 'Centenary of the First Cuban Postage Stamp' issue, the set of eight fine mint. (SG 726/33) £10 Image for lot 539
540 Cuba 1955 CINDERELLA: 'CUPEX 1955' exhibition labels with illustration of the 1855 ½r green 'Isabella' issue inscribed 'EXPOSITION FILATELICA INTERNACIONAL LA HABANA' printed on four different colour papers in blocks of six mint with gum. (24 labels) £18 Image for lot 540
541 Cuba 1956 12c blue grey 'Plain Pigeon' BIRDS issue, a fine unmounted mint block of four. (SG 773, Cat £30) £15 Image for lot 541
542 Cuba 1956 24c rose magenta 'American White Pelicans' and 50c grey black 'Great Blue Herons' BIRDS issue, both in fine unmounted mint blocks of four. (SG 776 & 779, Cat £22+) £10 Image for lot 542
543 Cuba 1956 2p purple 'Northern Jacanas' BIRDS issue, a fine unmounted mint block of four. (SG 781, Cat £52) £20 Image for lot 543
544 Cuba 1956 5p scarlet 'Ivory Billed Woodpeckers' BIRDS issue top value, a fine unmounted mint copy. (SG 782, Cat £35) £16 Image for lot 544
545 Cuba 1956 'Our Lady of Charity' issue, the pair and miniature sheet fine mint. (SG 789/90 & MS791) £10 Image for lot 545
546 Cuba 1957 'Postal Employees Retirement Fund' issue, the set of eight fine mint. (SG 805/E812) £10 Image for lot 546
547 Cuba 1961 'Declaration of Havana' issue, the set of nine with the three different languages in the background. Fine mint. (SG 975/7) £10 Image for lot 547
548 Cuba 1961 UNISSUED: 1c 'Fidel Castro' Cuban Democratic & Socialist Party issue commemorating the 'Bay of Pigs' invasion. Prepared for use but unissued by order of Fidel Castro due to his reluctance to have his image on a stamp. A fine mint copy. Uncommon. £16 Image for lot 548
549 Cuba 1962 2c 'Tractor' postal stationery viewcard (Similar to H&G 44) with design of 'Soldier with Lantern' inscribed 'Brigadas Alfabetizadoras Conrado Benitez' . A fine unused example. £15 Image for lot 549
550 Cuba 1991 BIRDS 'Express Mail Service' issue, inscribed 'EMS', the set of seven used on three FDCs with illustrated 'Bird' cds cancels. A scare issue in used condition. (SG E3638/44) £25 Image for lot 550
551 Cuba 1860-1950 REVENUES & CINDERELLA: Useful range on stocksheets, mostly early Spanish period Revenue issues and Telegraphs with an extensive used range. Also a few other labels inc one on cover. Mixed condition mint & used. (130+ items) £55 Image for lot 551
552 Dominican Republic 1866 'Medio real' black & blue on rose wove paper 'Tall' type, a superb unused copy, three large margins, just touching at top. No faults. (SG 18, Cat £75) £40 Image for lot 552
553 Dominican Republic 1866 'Medio real' black on yellow wove paper 'Tall Type', a good unused copy, three good margins, touching at right. No faults. Good quality. (SG 19, Cat £42) £30 Image for lot 553
554 Dominican Republic 1866 'UN real' black on green wove paper 'Tall' type, a fine lightly used copy, three large margins, touching at base. Small thin on reverse. (SG 20, Cat £70) £35 Image for lot 554
555 Dominican Republic 1866 CINDERELLA: 2r rose red bogus BOSTON GANG issue by 'S. Allen Taylor', a fine four margin copy 'used' with part green oval cancel. Small thin on reverse. £25 Image for lot 555
556 Dominican Republic 1883 25c on 5c blue and 50c on 10c pink 'Surcharge' issue, thin figures, with network, both fine used copies. (SG 74/5) £20 Image for lot 556
557 Dominican Republic 1887 3c red on pink 'Interior' postal stationery card (H&G 2) used with two strikes of CORREOS SANTO DOMINGO cds dated 4 JUN 1887. Addressed to SAMANA with full commercial message on reverse which seems to relate to purchasing a periodical of some sort. The card has a couple of creases and some staining on reverse but fine looking and a very rare card in used condition. £80 Image for lot 557
558 Dominican Republic 1891 2c on 20c yellow brown without Network 'Parisot' UPU surcharge issue, a fine unused copy. Tiny pin hole. (SG 30) £10 Image for lot 558
559 Dominican Republic 1899 Cover franked with a 1890 5c blue postal stationery CUT OUT (from the 5c envelope H&G B15) tied by feint SANTO DOMINGO cancel. Addressed to USA with 'Pr Carib' ship endorsement at top. Arrival cds on reverse. Cover is trimmed at left and has horizontal crease. £25 Image for lot 559
560 Dominican Republic 1903 Cover franked with 1901 1c lilac & olive green and 2c lilac & deep green 'Arms' issue (SG 110/11) tied by SANTO DOMINGO duplex cancel in blue. Addressed internally to 'Edward Hall, Director del Ferrocarril Central Dominicana, Puerto Plata' with arrival mark on front. A little discolouration at top but otherwise a scarcer internal use. £45 Image for lot 560
561 Dominican Republic 1906 1p black & violet 'Arms' issue, the top value fine mint. (SG 167) £15 Image for lot 561
562 Dominican Republic 1914 'Duarte Birth Centenary' issue set of eight good to fine mint. (SG 195/202) £10 Image for lot 562
563 Dominican Republic 1924 1p black & orange 'Arms' issue, a good used copy. (SG 246) £10 Image for lot 563
564 Dominican Republic 1929 2c scarlet 'Frontier Agreement' issue, a fine unused IMPERF PAIR. (SG 268) £20 Image for lot 564
565 Dominican Republic 1930 5c + 5c ultramarine & rose 'Hurricane Relief' Airmail OPT issue, with opt in red, A good lightly used perforated copy from the top row of the sheet (imperf at top) showing variety 'HABILITADA PARA CORREO AEREO' OMITTED. Light horizontal crease. (Sanabria 13c) £30 Image for lot 565
566 Dominican Republic 1930 10c + 10c red & yellow 'Hurricane Relief' Airmail OPT issue, with opt in gold. A fine mint perforated copy. (Sanabria 14, only 6,500 were printed) £15 Image for lot 566
567 Dominican Republic 1931 CINDERELLA: Illustrated 'Airplane' cover franked with 1930 10c yellow AIR issue and 1931 3c purple (SG 271 & 296) tied by SANTIAGO cds's with lovely large illustrated 'Map' CINDERELLA label on reverse showing Haiti and the Dominican Republic tied by SANTO DOMINGO transit cds. Addressed to USA with arrival cds also on reverse. Cover has small repaired tear at lower right. £25 Image for lot 567
568 Dominican Republic 1933 1p sepia 'Birth Centenary of F. A. de Merino' the top value fine mint. (SG 326, Cat £26) £15 Image for lot 568
569 Dominican Republic 1934 Cover from SANTIAGO franked with 1933 10c deep blue AIR issue and 1934 3c violet (SG 331 & 334) tied by good strike of large DIA DEL SERVICIO POSTAL Y TELEGRAFO REPUBLICA DOMINICANA PRIMERA CIRCULACION NOVIEMBRE 30 1934 illustrated 'Postman' cancel. Addressed locally. Nice postman thematic. £25 Image for lot 569
570 Dominican Republic 1937 'First National Olympic Games' issue the set of three fine mint. (SG 380/2, Cat £47) £20 Image for lot 570
571 Dominican Republic 1942 'Eighth Anniversary of the Day of Posts and Telegraphs' TRAIN issue, the pair fine mint. (SG 477/8) £10 Image for lot 571
572 Dominican Republic 1946 'National Anthem' MUSIC issue the set of five fine mint. (SG 540/4, Cat £32) £16 Image for lot 572
573 Dominican Republic 1946 'National Anthem' MUSIC issue the set of five fine lightly used. (SG 540/4) £10 Image for lot 573
574 Dominican Republic 1949 2c blue postal stationery viewcard two examples with views of 'Obelisk' and 'Ruins of San Francisco Church', 4c purple viewcard with view 'Entrance of the Alcazar of Columbus' and 9c purple airmail viewcard with view 'Ruins of Columbus' Alcazar' all fine unused. (H&G 19/20 & F1) £30 Image for lot 574
575 Dominican Republic 1953 1c light blue 'Child Welfare' TAX issue, a fine mint top marginal IMPERF BETWEEN PAIR. (SG 626 var) £15 Image for lot 575
576 Dominican Republic 1957 SCOUTS: '50th Anniversary of Boy Scout Movement and Birth Centenary of Lord Baden Powell' OPT on Olympic Games issue, the pair on miniature sheets with central Flag and Gold medal labels, one perforated the other imperf, both fine mint. Very Scarce. (SG MS707/8, Cat £180+) £60 Image for lot 576
577 Ecuador 1830 PRESTAMP: Group of three long 'Civiles' Official fronts and one cover with fine strikes of oval 'BOLIVAR FRANCA' in red, two line 'AMBATO FRANCA' in red, two line italic 'BOLIVAR DEBE' in red and oval 'BOLIVAR DEBE' in blue. All addressed internally. (4 items) £75 Image for lot 577
578 Ecuador 1865 ½r blue, coarse impression, a fine used four margin copy with red dotted diamond cancel. (SG 1a) £12 Image for lot 578
579 Ecuador 1865 ½r blue, fine impression, a fine used four margin copy with GUAYAQUIL cds dated 13 APR 1867. (SG 1) £12 Image for lot 579
580 Ecuador 1865 ½r blue, intermediate impression, a fine used four margin copy with small part QUITO cds dated JUL 1869. (SG 1) £12 Image for lot 580
581 Ecuador 1865 ½r blue, fine impression, a fine used four margin copy with AMBATO cds dated 13 MAR 1869. (SG 1) £12 Image for lot 581
582 Ecuador 1865 1r bistre, fine impression. A superb copy with four margins, just touching bottom right corner used with part strike of GUAYAQUIL cds in blue dated 5 JUL 1870. A striking shade. (SG 2b) £30 Image for lot 582
583 Ecuador 1871 ½r deep ultramarine on surface blued paper, a fine mint four margin copy. (SG 6, Cat £35) £25 Image for lot 583
584 Ecuador 1872 1r dull yellow on thin transparent blued paper, a used copy with part diamond cancel, four margins, tight in places. Small faults. (SG 7, Cat £90) £45 Image for lot 584
585 Ecuador 1872 'Litho' issue the set of three plus the 1p carmine shade all mint or unused. Some thinning on two of the stamps but a nice looking set. (SG 10/12 & 12a, Cat £49+) £20 Image for lot 585
586 Ecuador 1883 10c on 50c green 'Surcharge' issue, a fine lightly used copy. (SG 19, Cat £21) £15 Image for lot 586
587 Ecuador 1891 POSTAL STATIONERY CUT OUT: Circa 1891 undated cover franked with 10c orange on blue CUT OUT from the 1891 postal stationery lettercard (H&G A2) tied by GUAYAQUIL UPU cds. Addressed to FRANCE. £35 Image for lot 587
588 Ecuador 1896 5c on 20c orange 'Provisional' SURCHARGE issue, a good unused copy. (SG 125, Cat £28) £20 Image for lot 588
589 Ecuador 1896 OFFICIAL SEALS: Purple 'Seebeck' seal an unused pair and used copy with cds plus the 1897 green 'Seebeck' seal, three copies mint or unused and one used with cds cancel. (7 stamps, Bertossa #C.1 & C.2) £20 Image for lot 589
590 Ecuador 1902 FIRE & SCHOOL MARKS: Useful group of mainly used 'Fire marks' and 'School Marks' on various values inc marks from Loja, Quito, Azuay, Bolivar, Guayas, Los Rios, Canar, Chimborazo and Imbabura. Mixed condition. (16 stamps) £45 Image for lot 590
591 Ecuador 1902 FIREMARKS: 25c yellow 'Postal Fiscal' issue with 'GUAYAS' signature firemark in purple. A fine mint block of four. Scarce in mint multiples. £35 Image for lot 591
592 Ecuador 1904 50c black & yellow 'Birth Centenary of Captain Calderon' issue, the top value very fine used with small 'Wheel' cancel. (SG 315, Cat £120) £60 Image for lot 592
593 Ecuador 1908 'Opening of Guayaquil to Quito Railway' issue, the set of seven fine cds used. (SG 331/7, cat £25) £16 Image for lot 593
594 Ecuador 1908 SCHOOL MARKS: Colour 'Stamp' PPC 'Guayaquil, Banco del Ecuador' franked on message side with 1907 3c black & orange with 'Diamond' SCHOOL MARK in black of Guayas (SG 325) tied by GUAYAQUIL cds dated 24 FEB 1908. Addressed to GERMANY. School marks are very rare on cover. £75 Image for lot 594
595 Ecuador 1910 REVENUES: 20c red & blue ' Champana y Licores en General', 1c & 2c blue & red 'Cerveza Nacional', 2½c red & blue 'Licores Nacional' and 5c & 10c blue & red 'Vinos, Cerveza, Ginger Ale, Apollinaris etc' Timbre Patriotico 'Alcohol Tax' REVENUE issues. All opt SPECIMEN. Ex ABNCo. archive. (6 items, Olamo #1/4 & 11/12) £25 Image for lot 595
596 Ecuador 1918 PERFIN: Cover with 'Banco del Ecuador Guayaquil' imprint on flap franked with pair 1915 5c violet (SG 370) with 'B D E' PERFINS tied by GUAYAQUIL cds dated 1918. Addressed to USA and censored on arrival. Cover has large opening tear at left well away from stamps & markings. £20 Image for lot 596
597 Ecuador 1921 REVENUES: 3c red, 3c blue, 3c brown & 3c olive 'Ferrocarril Quito - Esmeraldas Impuesto a la Cerveza Nacional' REVENUE issue (Beer tax stamp for the building of the railroad). The set of four all opt SPECIMEN. Ex ABNCo. archive. (Olamo #1/4) £35 Image for lot 597
598 Ecuador 1923 'Quito - Ibarra' SEMI OFFICIAL airmail issue with 'ECUADOR' AIRPLANE overprint in carmine. The set of ten fine unused without gum. Scarce. (Sanabria #529/538, Bertossa #XXVII.a/XXVII.j) £75 Image for lot 598
599 Ecuador 1929 SCADTA: 5s grey blue 'Airmail' issue, a fine mint copy. (SG 18, Cat £31) £16 Image for lot 599
600 Ecuador 1929 SCADTA: 1s rose red 'Airmail' issue with 'R' registration opt in black, a fine cds used copy. (SG R22, Cat £90) £45 Image for lot 600
601 Ecuador 1930 'Independence Centenary' issue, the set of thirteen fine mint. (SG 473/85, Cat £50) £25 Image for lot 601
602 Ecuador 1930 'Independence Centenary' issue, the set of thirteen and 1935 'Bolivar Monument' OPT issue POSTAGE set of eight all fine used. (SG 473/85 & 505/12, Cat £20+) £12 Image for lot 602
603 Ecuador 1930 10s black & carmine 'Independence Centenary' issue, top value, a fine mint copy. (SG 485, Cat £35) £18 Image for lot 603
604 Ecuador 1931 Cover franked with 1929 9 x 5c carmine and pair 20c purple AIR issue (SG 459 & 461) tied by QUITO cds's dated MAR 25 1931 with two line 'CORREO AEREO PANAGRA' cachet on front. Addressed to PANAMA with GUAYAQUIL transit cds and PANAMA arrival cds on reverse with nice 'Horse' label. £25 Image for lot 604
605 Ecuador 1935 'Bolivar Monument' OPT issue on AIR stamps, the set of four fine mint. (SG 513/6) £25 Image for lot 605
606 Ecuador 1936 UNISSUED: 5c blue & red '444th Anniversary of Columbus's Discovery of America' TRIANGULAR issue, prepared for use but UNISSUED. A fine mint IMPERF BETWEEN PAIR. (See Bertossa Page 34) £12 Image for lot 606
607 Ecuador 1936 UNISSUED: 10c brown & black '444th Anniversary of Columbus's Discovery of America' TRIANGULAR issue, prepared for use but UNISSUED. A fine mint IMPERF BETWEEN PAIR. (See Bertossa Page 34) £12 Image for lot 607
608 Ecuador 1936 UNISSUED: 1s red & blue '444th Anniversary of Columbus's Discovery of America' TRIANGULAR issue, prepared for use but UNISSUED. A fine unused copy partially imperf with variety '1 SUCRE' VALUE PRINTED DOUBLE. (See Bertossa Page 34) £12 Image for lot 608
609 Ecuador 1936 EXHIBITION MAIL: Cover franked with pair 1936 5c purple 'First International Philatelic Exhibition' issue and 5c on 3c ultramarine TAX issue (SG 539 & 542) tied by QUITO cds dated OCT 20 1936 with diamond '1a Exposicion Filatelica Internacional Quito Ocre 20 1936 Inauguracion Ecuador S.A.' cachet in blue green on front and additional QUITO 'Arms' cachet in blue on reverse. Addressed locally within QUITO. £20 Image for lot 609
610 Ecuador 1939 UNISSUED: 1s red & blue '447th Anniversary of Columbus's Discovery of America' TRIANGULAR issue with '1939' overprint, prepared for use but UNISSUED. A fine mint IMPERF BETWEEN PAIR. (Bertossa #XLVI variety) £12 Image for lot 610
611 Ecuador 1939 UNISSUED: 5s deep green & red '447th Anniversary of Columbus's Discovery of America' TRIANGULAR issue with '1939' overprint, prepared for use but UNISSUED. A fine mint IMPERF BETWEEN PAIR. (Bertossa #XLVII variety) £12 Image for lot 611
612 Ecuador 1940 Circa 1940 15c orange postal stationery viewcard with blue view on reverse of 'San Francisco Church - Façade and side steps, QUITO'. Fine unused. £15 Image for lot 612
613 Ecuador 1946 1s '2nd Anniversary of the Revolution' issue a fine 'Waterlow' COLOUR TRIAL PROOF in yellow brown with 'WATERLOW & SONS LTD SPECIMEN' opt in black. (SG 777) £16 Image for lot 613
614 Ecuador 1947 SEMI OFFICIAL AIRMAILS: Two printed 'Presidencia de la Republica' official airmail covers each franked with the 1947 30c blue, 30c brown and 30c purple OFFICIAL issue with 'Primera La Patria!' AIRMAIL overprint, set of three (Sanabria #206/8) one set with the variety '!' OMITTED tied by QUITO cds's dated AUG 30 1947. One cover unaddressed, the other sent to GUAYAQUIL. (2) £75 Image for lot 614
615 Ecuador 1947 SEMI OFFICIAL AIRMAILS: 30c blue, 30c brown and 30c purple 'Primera La Patria!' AIRMAIL overprint issue the set of three in fine unused blocks of four. Some rought perfs as is usual with this issue. (Sanabria #206/8) £25 Image for lot 615
616 Ecuador 1949 UNISSUED: Unaddressed airmail envelope with 'First Day of Issue' handstamp franked with 1949 60c black & carmine UNISSUED 'Roosevelt' stamp, imperf with 'PRESIDENCIA DE LA REPUBLICA' inscription in blue tied by QUITO cds dated SEP 2 1949. £25 Image for lot 616
617 Ecuador 1952 JUDAICA: Printed 'Comunidad de Culto Israelita, Guayaquil, Ecuador' STAR OF DAVID cover franked with 1939 1s brown, 1952 20c deep blue & deep violet and pair 1952 2s black & deep blue (SG 594, 942 & 949) tied by GUAYAQUIL cds's. Sent airmail to AUSTRIA, censored on arrival with censor tape & circular 'Alliierte Zensurstelle 268' cachet. The Comunidad de Culto Israelita was the Jewish community in Guayaquil which took many immigrants before during and after WW2. £25 Image for lot 617
618 Ecuador 1954 10c on 50c red 'Revenue' issue with 'PRO TURISMO' opt, a fine mint copy with variety OPT DOUBLE. (SG 1006a var) £20 Image for lot 618
619 Ecuador 1954 UNISSUED: Airmail cover franked with 1948 50c carmine & green and 1935 40c brown red & red UNISSUED 'Columbus' commemoration issue with 'MUESTRA' opt in black (Bertossa #377) both tied by GUAYAQUIL cds. Addressed to USA. Unusual. £15 Image for lot 619
620 Ecuador 1957 GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: 2s grey, blue & red UNISSUED 'Gabriela Mistral' stamp (later opt for used in Ecuador) a fine unmounted mint copy. (SG 1233c, Bertossa #LVII) £40 Image for lot 620
621 Ecuador 1957 60c dark blue, 1.40s dark blue and 3.00s dark blue postal stationery airletters (H&G F1/F3) the set of three fine unused. £15 Image for lot 621
622 Ecuador 1958 'Birds' issue the first & second series sets of four fine mint. (SG 1100/3 & 1120/3) £10 Image for lot 622
623 Ecuador 1958 Trio of airmail covers all from SANTA ELENA (A small coastal village in Guayas province) franked with a variety of issues two covers with stamps tied by undated CORREOS DEL ECUADOR SANTA ELENA PROV. DEL GUAYAS cancels in green and the third sent REG with a larger STA. ELENA cancel in purple. All addressed to SPAIN. (3 items) £16 Image for lot 623
624 Ecuador 1970 'Butterfly' issue, the postage set of eight with security markings plus the later set of eight with white backgrounds. All fine mint. (SG 1380/7 & 1390/7, Cat £40) £20 Image for lot 624
625 Ecuador 1970 Circa 1970. Set of four illustrated post office airletters with multiple images on back and inside inc one headed 'Archipielago de Galapagos'. Attractive. (4) £12 Image for lot 625
626 Ecuador 1974 GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: Pair of Galapagos PPCs showing images of the islands both with various Galapagos cachets & postmarks inc Barrel Mail and Tortoise types franked with 1970's issues tied in transit in QUITO, both addressed to AUSTRALIA. (2 items) £15 Image for lot 626