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Airmail cover sent from USA with 1927 10c deep blue AIR issue (SG A646) tied by NEW YORK machine cancel dated JUN 10 1933. Flown on the Boyd Lyon flight from New York to Port-au-Prince and return with 'FIRST NON-STOP FLIGHT "COLUMBIA" NEW YORK - HAITI / HAITI - WASHINGTON PILOT J. ERROLL BOYD CO-PILOT - ROBERT G. LYON' cachet in black. On arrival in Haiti the cover has added Haiti 2 x 1924 5c green (SG 299) to pay for the return leg tied by PORT-AU-PRINCE cds's dated 14 JUN 1933. Addressed to USA with arrival cds's dated 19 JUN 1933 on reverse. The cover is also signed by J. Erroll Boyd. A rare flight. (Muller #69, rated 3500pts)